Friday, September 18, 2009


Today I wish to call my truths of life. I wish to say so many things. I don’t know that how it would turn into .May be my account would lack convincing clich├ęs. In the uncertain domain of observing world I am placing myself into an arena where I can be scrutinized. My experience say’s that nothing worthwhile comes out of you unless you define yourself rather than letting people define you. The mounting burden of I being looked upon as some sort of complex person makes me to explain the hard things of life. Let me make it very clear that it’s not an explanation to anybody in specific but a statement of life in general and let the readers find their specific references where I have been questioned. Hopefully my diction won’t disappoint anybody but even if they are not convinced then with all humbleness I regret my limitations. I am ample clear that my chosen words would not be as straight as few may wish to read but surely it would carry the meaning more explicit then the words which many a times diminishes sheen of decency. Perhaps many may not take me as suitable and perfect man to state on the truth of life. I failed them many times, yet unproven I am lauded and for the unknown reasons I am still acceptable as failed man. I wonder at their modesty and I remain as it is with applauding people around me. I remain among them as their own but relatively kept as one who lacks in comparison to others…I contested the relative comparison on certain ideals but they have valid reasons and the benevolence to accept me in imperfection but never accepted the ideals of which I believe in. I am admired and adored…showered lot of praise and I remain delighted because they commended me…I remain their man but still not perfect as they wanted me to be…I braved the odds they too join hands because they see no other alternative and yes they do take the credit that in spite of my imperfection they are enduring me…All my successes is celebrated and my setbacks with killing silence is absorbed to give me back later with the piercing oblique references. I understand their point of view and kept things intact and surely would never do anything to dismantle. My credence in the battling zone of life never gained the acknowledging pat of compassion…the expectation and denial gradually I accepted with humility…My own dwarfing world gained the nebulous stance to accept anything no matter what may come…In the bargain I remained what I am but not to the disowning soul…status quo is maintained and the two world unknowingly appeared… without any conflict or question world is created where it is normal to be stranger in private and in public domain an absolute treat to eyes. Well that’s what life is and I accepted the terms with very valid reasons and on the issues which are sacred to me. I won’t let anybody to pass stricture against neither Iwould ever do. The care as expected naturally flowed in but somewhere the core intensity vanished and just as the celestial bodies dancing in the sky in isolation so as it is happening here. We glitter in our own way and charm the world. The world is watching the celestial bodies up there and so as over here to us too. Everything is normal…yes it is and the truth is that normalcy cost but in return I see the dividends; then I believe that life in its own way compensates us…it strikes balance…I am wondering that have you reached the core of my truth or still wandering in the periphery with your own truth. The baffling instances of life and its impact should not be written on your face and also your truth… Experience how cruel it may be is not marketable…it is not salable …neither you have to put big hoarding of your pain on your face…I don’t believe in marketing my pain because I don’t wish to be in competition with other person’s pain and let the truth be judged and felt in most humane way…let it be felt intuitively…let this intuitive semblances not further dissect anybody but plain feel of the pulse would make you understand the truth. Certain things are not spoken to maintain sanctity and let this truth be understood in correct perspective…remember we are not fighting a battle of life to win war but to live and let others live. Truth is that accusations are the cosmetically designed salvo of emotions and that is lethal. Coexistence with difference defines the grace of a relation…let this grace be a subtle force to enhance the largeness of heart and creates the total meaning of real life where we don’t live in isolation…we have people around which are more precious than anybody…They need to be protected…we would like to see them growing…we would like to see them happy… we would like them to succeed…As they are seeing us to be happy…the balance has to be maintained. In the world of parallels there exists another world of truth which we all live yet never wish to own up because there you draw lines without parallels…there you are asymmetry to others as I said earlier in my recent blog that I see the light…and in this world I see the light…are you scratching your head that what crap I am talking…it’s a perfect reaction which many would say it loudly…But I wish to hold this little world for me to live where I get wings…where I certainly don’t exist in real but yet the dream are so real…while doing so I do not know how I wish to be judged but even if I am judged they would know that I lived these dreams…the truth is not what we observe…truth is what we feel…truth too has its parallel let this not be contested as right or wrong...parallels are complementary too at times...

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